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If you are considering a stay at Chac-Hal-Al or perhaps thinking of buying a place here we welcome you.

This site was set up primarily to help owners interact with the administrator and each other.

Please contact an owner or one of the many agents to inquire about renting or buying property here in our lovely community.


The links below are the welcome brochure in English and Spanish that you can download in PDF format.


Reglas de la casa

Please read the above rules if you are planning to stay at Chac-Hal-Al.

if you are planning to BUY in ChacHalAl you should read our complete regulations below.

Only the Spanish regulations signed by the Notario are official. The other is an English translation. (Several regemes are referred to in the documents but all regimes adopted identical regulations.)

Regulations - Reglamentos
REGULATIONS OF CHAC-HAL-AL English Composite Version Reglamento Condomin Chac-Hal-Lal_Notarial

If you have any questions please contact our administrator .